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Rusty Surfboards



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Josh’s go-to board in bigger surf. He used it in Fiji, Tahiti, and the Pipe Masters in the 2013 campaign. Part of the Kerrlection series, the slayer is designed as a step-up with four inches taken off at the front end. The wide point is now two inches forward of center instead of two inches back, giving you a little longer rail line yet more control for those tight pockets

And a touch of width to the center, re-blend the front end, giving the board a little fuller nose and relaxed rocker. This combination allows it to paddle well, make drops and fit you into the barrel.


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5'6" 18.50" 2.18" 24.4L
5'8" 18.75" 2.25" 26.1L
5'10" 19.00" 2.31" 27.9L
6'0" 19.25" 2.43" 30.4L
6'2' 19.50" 2.50" 32.8L
6'4" 19.75" 2.62" 35.7L
6'6" 20.00" 2.81" 38.1L
6'8" 20.50" 2.89" 40.9L
6'10" 21.00" 2.95" 43.5L
7'0" 21.50" 3.00" 46.2L

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