The Maldives atolls stand as a tropical haven strategically nestled at the heart of the Indian Ocean, offering prime exposure to Southern Ocean swells. From June to August, the region experiences the highest potential for sizable waves, typically ranging between 4 to 6 feet, with the possibility of scaling up with significant swells. Should a substantial swell grace our shores, the direction it takes will dictate the brilliance of specific surf spots, while others maintain their welcoming allure. All surf locales within the atolls are characterized by reef breaks, with optimal conditions often coinciding with mid tides. Accessible within a boat ride spanning 8 to 30 minutes from the island, we boast six world-class surf breaks, comprising two lefts and four rights, awaiting avid wave riders.


  • 18-25 MAY
  • 22-29 JUNE
  • 13-20 JULY
  • 7-14 SEPT
  • 26 OCT-2 NOV



Indonesia, a wave hunter's dreamland, boasts over 17,000 islands, each a potential surf haven. While Bali and Lombok remain iconic surf destinations, the country's vast expanse offers endless opportunities beyond the well-trodden paths. From the western shores of Sumatra to the distant coasts of West Timor, Indonesia's coastline is a playground for surfers seeking adventure and uncrowded breaks.

With a west-south orientation, Indonesia predominantly serves up left-handers, fueled by the Indian Ocean's groundswells. Volcanic reef setups dominate, providing challenging waves for intermediate to advanced surfers. However, hidden amidst the mix are pristine beach breaks awaiting discovery. Navigating this surfer's paradise may pose challenges due to its remote nature, but the rewards are well worth the effort. Embrace the thrill of exploration and elevate your surfing skills amidst Indonesia's untouched beauty.


  • APRIL 28 - MAY 7
  • MAY 27 - JUNE 5
  • JULY 4-13
  • AUG 25 - SEP 3
  • SEPT 26 - OCT 7
  • OCT 25 - NOV 1