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Rusty Surfboards



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New for 2015, the "03" is a fresh look at a timeless proven design. This is a modern performance surfboard based on a tall template Rusty utilized for Occy back in 1983. The outline features a slightly fuller nose and an accentuated bump tall. The bottom is a full concave that is deeper between the fins and flattens out off the tail.

The low entry rocker and moderate tail rocker in the last three inches enables the board to plane through slow portions of the wave yet turn extremely well and allow for tighter arcs. Designed for waist-high to overhead waves, the 03 will give you a fresh approach to your current level of performance surfing.


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5'8" 18.45" 2.32" 25.4L
5'9" 18.55" 2.32" 25.9L
5'10" 18.62" 2.35" 26.8L
5'11" 18.75" 2.38" 27.7L
6'0" 18.88" 2.42" 28.5L
6'1" 19.00" 2.43" 29.5L
6'2" 19.13" 2.46" 30.4L
6'3' 19.25" 2.49" 31.4L
6'4' 19.38" 2.52" 32.5L
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