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Moby Fish

Moby Fish

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The Moby is a great longboard alternative. Designed for cruising and relaxed surfing, this model is a great paddler and glider in small, soft surf. A great choice for beginners, the Moby is like a giant fish with a touch of tail rocker and vee added to loosen it up.

Its rails are full, low, and firm for plenty of lift and skate out of the gate. Whether you are a beginner or just looking for a change-of-pace surfboard, the Moby Fish simply oozes fun.


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6'9" 21.50" 2.65" 44.58L
6'10" 21.75" 2.70" 46.62L
7'0" 22.00" 2.75" 49.20L
7'2" 22.25" 2.87" 51.77L
7'3" 22.38" 2.93" 53.77L
7'4" 22.50" 2.99" 54.43L
7'6" 22.75" 3.05" 57.69L
7'8" 23.00" 3.31" 67.90L
8'0" 23.25" 3.25" 69.09L
8'4" 23.50" 3.38" 75.45L
8'6" 23.75" 3.50" 80.58L

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