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Rusty Surfboards



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The Hustler is considered by many to be that magical? board. It's 7 parts short board, 3 parts fish, and 100 % Hustler. A fuller outline with a lower rocker throughout = Pure Speed. Venturi bottom provides lift, maneuverability, and control.

The low rocker all the way through maximizes surface area and makes for quick paddling and a fast ride. Throw it all together with a master's touch and the result is a turbo-charged, high-performance board that feels like its working hard for you, and is always ready to rock. Hence, the Hustler.


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Also check out the Heckler. For more surfboards check out the rest of the boards from the Rusty Surfboards collection here. We now ship to most locations in the Middle East, the United Arab Emirates and Russia.


*prices are subject to change without notice

5'6" 19.50" 2.12" 25.9L
5'8" 19.75" 2.19" 27.8L
5'10" 20.00" 2.25" 30.0L
6'0" 20.25" 2.37" 32.3L
6'2" 20.50" 2.50" 35.7L
6'4" 20.75" 2.62" 38.8L
6'6" 21.00" 2.75" 41.9
6'8' 21.25" 2.75" 43.5L
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