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Rusty Surfboards



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The GTR is your go-to board for "between" swells, i.e. average, everyday surf. Back foot oriented surfers will enjoy the lift, drive and skate of this small wave machine. There is a moderate single concave, which is deepest in between the feet, and the rail has a full radius at the apex, making it a neutral and forgiving surfboard.


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5'8" 18.25" 2.00" 21.5L
5'9" 18.44" 2.06" 22.7L
5'10" 18.50" 2.13" 24.1L
5'11" 18.63" 2.19" 25.4L
6'0" 18.75" 2.25" 26.3L
6'1" 18.88" 2.31" 27.7L
6'2" 19.00" 2.38" 28.9L
6'3" 19.13" 2.38" 29.9L
6'4" 19.25" 2.44" 31.1L
6'5" 19.44" 2.44" 32.0L
6'6" 19.50" 2.50" 33.2L
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