Meet Ollie Henry

Meet Ollie Henry

So what did you do during isolation?

We caught up with Ollie Henry, the 19-year old from Dunsborough in Western Australia.

After watching his clip, Self Isolation, we couldn’t resist to find out more about this Rusty team rider.


What kept you busy during isolation?

In West Oz it’s not too bad, we can surf and stuff so just lots of surfing!


What is your fave exercise to keep fit whilst in isolation?

I don’t do much exercising but lots of surfing haha.


What's in your current Rusty quiver?

I have a 5'6 419 Fish, 5'9 Blade, 5'11 to 6'0 Yes Thanks, 6'1 & 6'4 Traveler, 8'4 Gun and two 5'9 tow boards.


Out of those, what are you riding the most and why?

I've been riding my 5'9 Blade heaps this summer, it's just good for all conditions and I don't have any dramas with it. It's a step down from a short board but it basically does the same thing, just without all the extra length. It fits in the pocket of small waves well but also handles well in overhead surf.


Conditions you mainly surfing? And what’s your preferred conditions?

West Oz has lots of power so usually something heavy around here. I like surfing in bigger clean surf! Perfect tubes is always good.


One of your fave spots (if you can share)?

The Right is probably my favorite, so many ups and downs but when you get a good one it’s so amazing.


What got you into surfing?

My Dad got me into surfing when I was about 5. He surfs heaps and I just used to want to go out aswell so he started taking me and my older brother Tom out.


Fave maneuver that took you ages to learn, but you kill now?

Took me ages to learn Alley Oops but now I can do them somewhat regularly. They feel real good.


You look comfortable in big surf. How do you train/get ready for something like that?

To prepare I usually just cruise a couple days before and make sure I’m feeling good and getting as organised as can be.  I don’t do much training but surfing a lot seems to be good enough.


Any exercises you can recommend?

I don’t do much training but I’d recommend push ups and inverts to get you through isolation. They’re both equally as helpful.


Any advise for the readers at home wanting to charge it big?

If you want to charge just make sure you work up to whatever you’re chasing, baby steps. Walk before you run!


If you haven’t see his recent clip, Self isolation here it is – a definite must watch.




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