Laury and the Island life: Reunion Island

Laury and the Island life: Reunion Island

Reunion local and Rusty brand ambassador, Laury tells us about his beautiful backyard for those wanting to duck on over.

A quick skip and a hop from Mauritius (about one hour) and around 4 hrs from South Africa, the Reunion locals are reconnecting with the water and putting the shark attacks behind them, which had plagued the island for many years.

Reunion Island offers world-class waves with less than a 30 min drive between breaks. You can visit all year round; May to September are heavy conditions, with October to April more suited to lightweight boards.

You'd be happy to know that not much paddling is needed, but keep an out when waves are over 6ft as Bullsharks start to visit.

Laury’s favorite Rusty Surfboards to use for barrel rides and super hollow waves is the enough said, and the Blade for speed and power turns. His other go-to's are the Slayer I and II.


You can get your own Rusty surfboard from our online surf shop.

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