SUP’ing....for you to read. It's more than just a fade

SUP’ing....for you to read. It's more than just a fade
SUP’ing, also known as stand up paddle boarding, like surfing also originated in Hawaii, in around the 1900s. However, earlier records show it has existed as far back as 3,000 BC!
Back in the 1940s, some classics Hawaiin watermen, such as the Duke, would use their larger surfboards and a cannot paddle to get a better view above the break-in of incline surf, but to also keep an eye on the surfers. The sport has evolved so much more these days beyond the pro’s of the sea. outrigger canoeing was considered to be a direct link between the use of a paddle for both activities.
The first SUP event and race took place back in 2007, dubbed “Ta-hoe Nalu” and still operates today.
In a way, is has similarities to surfing, but is also quite different. According to an outdoor sports report in 2013, SUP’ing was identified as the outdoor sporting activity with the most first-time participants in the United States that year.
The SUP can be used for many variations, including fitness, fishing, sightseeing, racing, surfing, river rapids and even yoga!
On a SUP, you can also catch waves, but you can also take the leisurely route while cruising along flat waters.
There are many different board shapes and sizes. Larger and wider for the beginner or cruiser, and also thinner and smaller for the professional / wave rider.
Depending on the size of the board, you too can perform manoeuvres, as you ride down the face of the wave.
For the yoga enthusiast, your board would have a larger surface to assist with balance as you bust out those moves.
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