SURFVIBE Balance Board
SURFVIBE Balance Board
SURFVIBE Balance Board
SURFVIBE Balance Board
SURFVIBE Balance Board
SURFVIBE Balance Board
SURFVIBE Balance Board

SURFVIBE Balance Board

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The original balance board designed in Dubai.

The SurfVibe balance board is a great tool to improve your balance, coordination, core strength and stability; helping you develop essential skills for surfing, wakeboarding, kitesurfing and skateboarding.

The skills you master translate to real improvements out on the water or snow slopes.


with new fish style boards now available.

The features:

✓ NON-SLIP BOARD SURFACE for comfortable training with or without shoes.
✓ SMOOTH ROLLER won’t damage your floors
✓ SOLID MAPLE WOOD BOARD means our balance boards are built to last!
✓ COMPACT AND LIGHTWEIGHT allows you to exercise anywhere and anytime!

Benefits of regular balance board training:

✓ Coordination and agility
The ability to make fast and smooth transitions is an essential skill in many sports. 
 Balance board workouts help you be in tune with your body and fluidly switch positions. Allowing you to achieve better results with less effort.

✓ Prevent injuries
Poor balance, coordination and stability are a common source for every day injuries. Regular balance board workouts help your body become injury-prone by teaching it to automatically switch to a defensive position in case of danger.  Moreover, balance training strengthens key joints.


✓ Mind and body connection
The mind-muscle connection is vital for successful training.  A professional athlete’s brain is zoned in on the working muscle. It takes time and a lot of effort to develop it through weight lifting exercises. Unlike some other exercises, balance board training requires you to be focused every second on what your body is doing, which helps to develop the connection much faster.

During the workout you constantly use neural networks, which makes you learn faster and helps easily focus on important things ignoring distractions.

✓ Develop your core muscles
Our core strength is the foundation of every move we make. Balance board training challenges your core through imbalance, activating and strengthing these muscles.

✓ Improve your posture
Spending too much time looking at the laptop or phone screen we develop an unhealthy posture with rounding spine and our eyes looking on the ground.
Regular balance board training can help us realign by strengthing the deep stabilizer muscles, building a strong foundation for the spine.
Strong spine muscles will hold your shoulders high and keep your joints in place naturally.

✓ Become stronger
Balance board workouts activate specific muscle groups that aren’t activated during
a gym workout. The imbalance forces small stabilizer muscles to come into play immediately. At the same time, your larger muscles are also working to keep you stable. Feeling confident? You can perform traditional weight training on a balance board to increase the efficiency and intensity of exercises.

✓ Progressive training
You don’t need to have a specific level of coordination to start.
A Balance board allows you to gradually progress and achieve results at your own pace. Even for the most uncoordinated among us, there are simple exercises to improve balance and stability.

To keep challenging your body, you just need to adjust exercises and always try new variations.


We hope you enjoy the SURFVIBE Balance Board as much as we do!





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Q6. Where can I buy Rusty Surfboards?

You can only purchase Rusty Surfboards ONLINE from this Official Rusty Surfboards ME website if you are based in UAE, Middle East, Turkey or Russia.

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You can only purchase ONLINE.

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We have a team of professionals who help surfers every day to find that magic sled. So where you are new to the sport or you are a seasoned pro we can help. If you don't find what you are looking for, no problem, we can build you a custom. Connect to a Rusty Professional via chat or email.

Q9. Do you have a board volume guide, what size board should I order?

Yes, we have a volume recommendations guide on every surfboard product page. We understand this selection process can be a challenge, so speak to a professional in our team. They can help advise you on volume, dimensions, models, specifications to suit your skill level, waves you are riding and any other special requirements. 

Q10. What surfboard constructions do you offer?

If you would like to discuss what construction will best suit your requirements reach out to one of our professionals.

Q11. Do you offer an environmentally friendly blank option?

Yes, Torsion Spring is 100% eco-board certified. So you can order the latest high-performance surfboards that have much less of an environmental impact.

Q12. Can I add extra fin plugs to my custom board so I can ride it as a thruster or a quad?

Yes, you can have a 5 fin setup on the majority of the surfboard models.

Q13. Do you have a custom spray examples list?

Yes, we have a catalogue of sprays and patterns you can choose from. Just let us know if this is of interest to you.

Q14. Can I have carbon patches or strips added to my board?

Yes, you can. Many of our board models have carbon as standard, but you can request extra carbon. 

Q15. Do you offer a polished gloss finish to my custom board?

Yes, you can request a polished gloss finish. We offer other finishes to custom boards. 

Q16. Can I have S-Cloth placed on my custom board?

Yes, S-Cloth is available and can be placed on all custom orders. 

Q17. Do you offer channels bottoms on custom boards?

Channels are available. You will need to speak to the shaper for guidance with your requirement.

Q18. I have videos of me surfing, can I upload this content to help the shaper understand my ability and the waves I am surfing?

Yes, if you follow the custom board builder form you can upload two videos and at the end. Click the CUSTOM tab at the top of the page. 

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Possibly. Just reach out and we can let you know what boards are available for you to preview -, or start a chat

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